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Here are some daily challenges faced by wheelchair users

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Being on a wheelchair can be different for many reasons. In fact, wheelchair
users undergo various issues on a daily basis. From inaccessibility to even
public places that are not disabled friendly, challenges are many. When it
comes to accessibility, we have a long way to go. Government apathy is
definitely a barrier in making places more accessible.

Sunitha Thrippanikkara, an artist from Kerala, says daily
travel is a struggle.

Most of the taxi services are not disabled-friendly. Hence, it is difficult
to even go to places. They even refuse to come. It is the same when we take
a train or flight too. Trains have coaches for disabled people. But they
allow only one person to accompany you in the coach. I need help of two
people to go to washrooms. So now I’am forced to travel in normal coaches
which are even more difficult. In flights, they make you change at least
three wheelchairs until you get inside the flight. Many disabled people
find all that extremely difficult. Due to inaccessibility, we are forced to
not go outdoors- Sunitha Thripanikkara

Check out these daily challenges faced by wheelchair users

Anjurani Joy says she hates having to rely on someone else
for help while going outdoors.

“Almost all public spaces do not have wheelchair ramps. Hence, going
outdoors becomes a tedious task. There are hardly any malls and shops that
have exclusive parking facilities for disabled people. So when I go out
shopping, I have to rely on someone else for help”


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