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Blind Experiences wishes you a surprising New Year!

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This incredible year is coming to an end and, as usual, we can’t help but thinking of all the beautiful experiences we had – and of the incredible Blind Experiences we had the pleasure to design for you!

Do you know Blind Experiences?

Some of the best things in life happen unexpectedly – that’s also the case of Blind Experiences, in fact.

In 2013, our best friends got married and we decided to give them a very special gift, something that would surprise them and let them understand how much we cared about them. That’s how we got the idea of designing their honeymoon… not a regular one though: a honeymoon with a twist!

We chose the itinerary based on their passions and desires, but they didn’t know anything about the destinations, accommodations or activities they would do: that’s how the first Blind Experience was born.

Seeing the happiness and excitement on their faces let us understand that we could do the same for other couples too – and that’s what we did from that moment on: taking them on exclusive, tailor made and unforgettable experiences!

The best part: the feedbacks

There are two things that we particularly enjoy at Blind Experiences: the planning of the surprise holidays and the feedbacks we receive from our enthusiast travelers!

Knowing that we made their honeymoon or holiday so special is what makes us feel proud, fulfilled and willing to do even better in the future.

That’s why today we want to share with you some of the feedbacks we got from our amazing couples in the past years: let them inspire you to embark in the adventure of a lifetime with Blind Experiences!

blind experiences feedback 1

blind experiences feedback 2

blind experiences feedback 3

“Thank you guys!! Everything was absolutely amazing! Life without envelopes will be very bitter”



blind experiences feedback 4

“You made a really incredible thing, guys!!! Thank youuu”






blind experiences feedback 5

“Guys… – 2 hours to a dream coming true!!! Private helicopter flight over one of the best beaches in the world… thank youuu! Definitely the most beautiful experience in my whole life”




blind experiences feedback 6

“Infinitely thank you, for everything. The organization was impeccable and we’ve never had any problem, only great experiences. So, thank you!”




blind experiences feedback 7

“By now, we’re Blind addicted. Every day I hope to wake up with an envelope”



This article is our way to thank all of you who have already travelled with us, and to invite all of those who still haven’t to dive into the magic of surprise.

We wish you a 2019 full of adventures and thrill: Blind Experiences is ready to turn your travel dreams into reality in the new year!


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