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Rare Disease Day 2017 Highlights the Importance of Research

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With research, possibilities are limitless!

Unfortunatly, many people living with a rare disease are still unable to find the answers and medical solutions they are looking for. Often this happens because there is little or no research into the peson’s particular condition. Those of us concerned with Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs) are lucky that so much work is on-going in this area. However, we must remember that with many genes yet to be discovered, support for basic research remains critical. On Rare Disease Day 2017 Retina International will work with its memebrs and collabroators gloably to highlight the importance of continued investment in retinal research. 

To illustrate the isolation that is experienced by so many patients who can not find information on their conditions, this year’s video for Rare Disease Day draws a parallel with a routine that many of us go through multiple times a day – searching for the answer to our questions on-line and the frustration felt when that search yields no results.

You can check out the video here:

As a community we can raise more awareness of rare diseases than ever before by sharing the video on all the social media channels and websites that we can!



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