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Some fun activities for wheelchair users this winter

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Goodbye to summer woes, winter is here! Most of the places in India are
gearing up to welcome winter after months of scorching heat and sun. This
season brings its own set of bodily challenges, including rough skin,
dehydration and so on which is applicable for people with and without

Unlike many other parts of the world, India does not experience heavy
winters. Global warming has made things worse. So now our winters are mild,
something which is bearable.

Winter is also a time to go out and explore places near you. Since the
holiday seasons are beginning, there is much to go out and see! If you are a
wheelchair user and wondering how to spend this winter with some outdoor
activities, we have some great tips for you. Your mobility issues do not have
to limit you from exploring and seeing new things.

Dr Akshay Kumar is a wheelchair user who
lives at Kangra in Himachal Pradesh, one of the coldest
states in India.

Currently, I’am working on my book which is a collection of short stories
and poems. So I will be travelling to places like Shimla and New Delhi as
part of working on my book. This is the ideal season to travel in Himachal
as well. There are lot of snow covered peaks which are a sight to witness,
even to people who have been living here for many years. So travelling is
the main thing in my list for this winter- Dr Akshay Kumar

Here are some outdoor activities for wheelchair users to try out this winter

Vinayna Khurana from Delhi is a writer and

“Winter is the right season to go outdoors for wheelchair users. The
weather is perfect too. I plan to go out for shopping with my mother. We have
our school re-union which is also in my to-do list for this season”, says

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