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Thiruvananthapuram comes together for ‘Walk for Inclusion’

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People with disabilities are often sidelined in the society. Even today, in
spite of strong laws, disabled people face discrimination and marginalization
across the country. It is high time society awakens and reaches out to people
with all kinds of disabilities. The Walk for Inclusion that
was held at the Kerala state capital in Thiruvananthapuram did just that.
People with and without disabilities participated in the walk that was held
on 22 February.

‘Walk for Inclusion’ was organized by the NGO Jyothirgamaya
that empowers blind people. The event was done in
collaboration with Yagna Dhruva’19, the inter-collegiate techno-cultural
fest hosted by LBS Institute of Technology for Women along
with Sahridhaya, an organization that works for equality and
social change.

An inclusive flash mob was also held which will later followed
by an inclusive walk towards the famous Kanakakunnu Palace.

Tiffany Brar is the founder of
Jyothirgamaya Foundation that is based out of
Thiruvananthapuram. Brar says that the walk was organized so that youngsters
could also participate and become aware of disabilities.

It is high time that people become aware of what accessibility is. Even a
disabled person is unaware of their own rights. For that, youngsters around
us must step up and do their bit. Going to college and having fun is fine.
But they have a potential beyond that. They can do so many things to
promote awareness about disabilities in the society. In fact, it is their
social responsibility to speak up for such causes. Disabled people must be
able to cross the road alone, walk on our roads without worrying about
falling inside potholes and do things independently. People with and
without disabilities must join hands for the right causes. See our
capabilities and not our disabilities-Tiffany Brar, Founder,
Jyothirgamaya Foundation

The government of Kerala has always promoted and stood up for inclusion.
Organizers hope that this ‘Walk for inclusion’ has brought the cause to
notice of government authorities.

Sobha Vishwanath is the Founder of
Weavers Village. Vishwanath was a part of the walk which she
believes was for a cause that needs immediate attention.

“Take a look at the new currencies that have been introduced after
demonetization. They are not accessible for blind people. Currencies are
something basic that we use in our day to day lives. It is high time that
accessible notes for blind people are introduced. Similarly, people with all
kinds of disabilities face discrimination in all fields, be it education or
employment. People consider them to be weak. There are very few people who
are strong and come out to the forefront to raise their voices against
injustices. I admire Tiffany for that. She has always been vocal about issues
faced by disabled people”, says Vishwanath.

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