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Sustainable travel: how to make an impact while exploring the world

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Tourism is probably one of the largest industries in the world – and it keeps growing year after year. We’re not surprised, since we know very well how marvelous it is to explore new corners of the world. What we also know, though, is that the time has come for all of us to care more about our precious Earth and its inhabitants: that’s what sustainable travel is all about. Have you ever heard of it?

5 romantic things to do in Chile for an unforgettable couple travel!

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Chile is a fascinating land of contrast, due to its geographical shape and social history. It’s probably not the first destination that comes to your mind when you think of a romantic trip, but you know we like to show you alternative points of view. These five things to do in Chile will make you want to get on the first plane with your loved one – and embark in a unique adventure!

Honeymoon trends for 2019: 7 ideas to have the trip of a lifetime

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As much as you’ve been waiting for (and planning) your wedding day, you’ve probably also been daydreaming about your honeymoon since you got engaged. How can we blame you?! That’s our favourite part too! Since we don’t want you to have just an average vacation, here’s a list of the 7 top honeymoon trends for 2019.

How to be present when you travel: the art of enjoying it all!

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Traveling is exciting, we know you agree with us. The hectic planning, the thrilling journey and the satisfaction when you reach the destination… and then, before even exploring it, you find yourself thinking about what’s next. The next stop, next activity to do, next time you’re going back to the place you are right now!