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Note: This is a realistic story for teenagers. It was submitted as part of the course on writing for young readers.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

She was the most beautiful girl in the class. Heads always turned when she entered the classroom. It was Valentine’s Day, and she held a red rose in her hand. Many of her suitors looked at her expectantly as she made her way through the benches.

To their disappointment, she ignored all of them, stopped at the second row and placed the rose on the first seat to her right. The bench was unoccupied, but everyone knew whose seat it was.

Two minutes later, Raya entered the classroom. His cane swept the ground before him, and he strode confidently. His head was slightly tilted upwards, and he stood tall. Unlike the girl, he did not wear branded clothes, did not carry a sophisticated mobile phone, and did not even wear shoes, but none of those aspects took his charm away from him.

The classroom was silent, absolutely silent. All eyes in the class were on Raya. Some held jealousy and others, curiosity. Raya stopped at the second row, and folded his cane. He then extended his hand and touched the bench. Once he confirmed that it was unoccupied, he placed a few chart papers, slate and stylus on the bench and settled down.

Raya’s hand found the rose as soon as he sat. Instinctively, he took it to his nose and took a deep breath. It felt good, very good, just like the incense of the girl sitting in front of him. Raya knew who gave him that rose. She had proposed when they were in first year, and has been giving him a rose every Valentine’s Day since then. Raya liked her too, but was afraid. Afraid of rejection by her parents, Afraid if he will be able to keep her happy, Afraid the he was poor, and afraid that he was blind.

He thought for a moment, for just a moment, before placing it in the second pocket of his bag, the pocket that hosted the roses from previous proposals.…

Three Years Later

She was walking around greeting guests after her engagement ceremony when she saw Raya. He was standing on the other side of the lawn with a rose in his hand. Leaving her fiancée’s side, she rushed to him.

“Hello Smarty, I finally get a rose from you,” she said, taking the rose from him.

Raya did not respond. His heart was beating fast, and there were millions of butterflies in his stomach.

“Are you alright?”

“I Love You,” Raya said, taking a long breath.

“But …”

He did not let her finish.

“I have always loved you. I don’t think I can live without you.”

“I am sorry Raya. I never meant it that way,” she said, placed the rose in his hand, and walked away, leaving a shattered Raya behind.

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