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Airbnb Social Impact Experiences to Support NoisyVision

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Last weekend we kicked off a new NoisyVision project, thanks to Airbnb Social Impact Experiences. This is a new way to promote causes, build awareness, and raise funds. Social impact experiences give Airbnb guests a chance to learn more about our mission and cause — and have some fun along the way.

International Symposium on Usher Syndrome – The videos and transcripts of the USH2018

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We are pleased to share with you the video, transcripts, slides and summaries of the 2018 International Symposium on Usher Syndrome in Mainz, Germany. More than 250 people from around the world attended the multi-day gathering in-person, and more than 150 joined the Patient Symposium via livestream, making it the single largest event ever held for the Usher syndrome community.

Communicating Usher Syndrome: NoisyVision and vEyes meet the Scuola Holden

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It’s Monday, the first Monday of November. The monumental entrance of the Scuola Holden welcomes us majestically under the light rain that accompanies the reawakening of the city of Turin, after a weekend full of cultural and musical initiatives. The building Headquartered earlier the Royal Powder Factory and Nitri Refinery and then the Cavalli Barracks, since 2013 it houses the storytelling school founded in 1994 by the writer Alessandro Baricco.
Warehouses and workshops have left space for small classrooms with colored walls, which overlook the three courtyards of the complex. There are no desks, but each room has a single oval table around which teachers and students sit. Our classroom has yellow walls. Not even on purpose, the color of #YellowTheWorld welcomes the project that will bring together students of the College Brand New, dedicated to business communication, with NoisyVision ONLUS and vEyes.
The first stage of this initiative is a presentation on the Usher Syndrome, a genetic disease that determines the coexistence of retinitis pigmentosa, deafness and, sometimes, problems of balance.

Yellow and .. blue. Autumn contrasts

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NoisyVision has been promoting the #YellowTheWorld campaign for several years, to paint the world Yellow. We are sure that a more yellow world would be not only more visible to people with low vision, but also more beautiful, lively, joyful and positive.
However, as we often say, it is a matter of contrasts, of juxtaposition. The yellow would have no functional value if it were not opposed to other colors, which enhance the light.
Nadia transposes this chromatic approach to herself, to the way of reading the different aspects of the personality. In the autumn palette, yellow and blue contend for mood and time.

Dance therapy, to see with the body what the eyes do not see

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Elizabetta Vianello is a member of NoisyVision since just a few days but she seems to embody and live in a perfect way those who are our principles: to go beyond the limit, awareness and acceptance of limits. After telling us of her theatrical experience, she writes about the value of dance therapy, she is fortunate to practice with a teacher of the highest level, Elena Cerruto.