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Mystery honeymoon: would you dare choose the unknown?

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It was a trend last year and it gets more and more popular as time goes by: we’re talking about mystery honeymoon. If you think about it, our Earth offers so many destinations worth visiting that it can be hard to pick one. What if you let someone else choose for you, based on your deepest wishes and travel dreams?

How a modern honeymoon planner can turn every journey into a story

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Organizing your wedding and taking care of every single detail of it can be overwhelming, we know it. The good news is that you don’t need to do the same for the first holiday as newlyweds: just find a honeymoon planner that knows how to craft an unforgettable trip and put the preparation in his hands.

Surprise getaway: the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you!

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Spinning the globe and pointing at it randomly in order to choose the next destination of your holiday is old-fashioned and outdone. The modern version of it is having your surprise getaway chosen by an agency that specializes in that, like Blind Experiences for example – contact us now if you’re ready to leave for the adventure of a lifetime!

And the award for the best surprise honeymoon destinations goes to…

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We are often asked what the most exciting surprise honeymoon destinations are, so we thought it would be nice to write an article about it. But be prepared: first and foremost we think that, when it comes to mystery travels, there’s no right or wrong – and not even a real “best” or “worst”.

Planned trips or spontaneous journeys? You can have both with a surprise travel!

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When it comes to travelling, there are two main types of people: those who love planned trips and those who prefer to seize the day. We have great news for you, whatever your preference is: there’s a solution that allows you to embark on a journey where everything is planned… but not by yourself. We’re not talking about an average trip planned by an equally average agency, but about surprise vacations. And you know what? You can start creating yours straight away!

Luxury travel agency and sustainability: a perfect marriage

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At Blind Experiences we consider ourselves a luxury travel agency: we craft customized surprise journeys, especially honeymoons – and we strongly believe that honeymooners deserve a deluxe getaway. But we equally strongly believe in the importance of sustainability: at the present time, it’s something that everyone – especially travelers – should take into account.