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Planned trips or spontaneous journeys? You can have both with a surprise travel!

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When it comes to travelling, there are two main types of people: those who love planned trips and those who prefer to seize the day. We have great news for you, whatever your preference is: there’s a solution that allows you to embark on a journey where everything is planned… but not by yourself. We’re not talking about an average trip planned by an equally average agency, but about surprise vacations. And you know what? You can start creating yours straight away!

Luxury travel agency and sustainability: a perfect marriage

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At Blind Experiences we consider ourselves a luxury travel agency: we craft customized surprise journeys, especially honeymoons – and we strongly believe that honeymooners deserve a deluxe getaway. But we equally strongly believe in the importance of sustainability: at the present time, it’s something that everyone – especially travelers – should take into account.

Sustainable tourism: when traveling is caring

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As avid travelers and as surprise travel agents, we at Blind Experiences care a lot about sustainable tourism. You’ve probably often heard words like “sustainable” or “eco-friendly”, in the last months or years, haven’t you? Sometimes they pop up just because they are trendy, but they could mean a lot if every person who pronounces them actually did something in that direction.