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Are IIMs Complying with RPWD Act?: Data on Faculty Members with Disabilities at Institutes of National Importance

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A volunteer of the Cane Foundation, Mr. Madhava Rao, took up a study on compliance of IIMs with the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act from the faculty hiring perspective. He filed RTI applications to  all Indian Institutes of Management which are designated as Institutes of National Importance, in order to understand how many of their faculty members staff are persons with disabilities, and whether they have disability policies to govern their approach to persons with disabilities within the institutes. The results do not paint an encouraging picture to say the least.

A total of 1,444 faculty and non-faculty members work at all IIMs that responded, and only 11 of them are persons with disabilities. Only 4 faculty members in said IIMs are persons with disabilities. Only IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Jammu, have disability policies, and other IIMs have stated that they are following Government rules / guidelines.

The table hereunder provides a summary of the responses received from different IIMs.

Table: Faculty Members with Disabilities at IIMS

Sl. No.Name of the InstituteNo. Of. faculty and non-faculty members appointed since July, 2017No. of faculty positions reserved for Persons with Disabilities since July, 2017No. of faculty members with Disabilities appointed since July, 2017No. of faculty and non-faculty membersNo. of faculty and non-faculty members with disabilities
1IIM, Ahmedabad117Did not respondDid not respond406Did not respond
2IIM, Amritsar16Did not respond125nil
3IIM, Bangalore22Did not respond11061
4IIM, Indore19Did not respondDid not respond104Did not respond
5IIM, Jammu58nilnil34nil
6IIM, Kashipur14nilnil601
7IIM, Kozhikode53nilnil1673
8IIM, Lucknow18nilnil952
9IIM, Nagpur18Did not respondnil46nil
10IIM, Raipur25Did not respondnil582
11IIM, Ranchi47Did not respondnil76nil
12IIM, Rohtak53nilnil581
13IIM, Sambalpur12Did not respondnil33nil
14IIM, Sirmour40Did not respondnil33nil
15IIM, Tiruchy10Did not respondnil561
16IIM, Udaypur20Did not respondnil41nil
17IIM, Visakhapatnam34Did not respondnil46Nil
18IIM, KolkataDid not respond to RTI
19IIM, BodhgayaDid not respond to RTI
Total576Insufficient data


From the data, it is clear that IIMs are not as inclusive as is desirable of Institutes of National Importance, which are expected to set examples rather than find safe harbors within constricted interpretation of rules.

Can we foresee change in the near future?

Unlikely, because the issue might not be as important for them as their perception of “National Importance.”

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