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Be My Eyes – Volunteer to Help a Person with Blindness

Posted in Accessibility, and Disability Support

“Bringing sight to blind and low-vision people,” is the caption of Be My Eyes App. The simple objective of the App is to help persons with blindness or visual impairment by connecting them to sighted volunteers. It was launched in 2015, and is currently available on both IOS and Android phones. The App has more than 2 million volunteers, who offer support in 180 languages.

All a person with blindness needs to do to get support on the App is call a volunteer, who will assist her through a video call. I downloaded the App on my IOS device, and called a volunteer to test how the App works. Vineet from Bangalore came online and confirmed that he is able to see my surroundings clearly and helped me find the phone on my desk. The call quality was excellent, and Vineet was very courteous. In addition to volunteer support, Be My Eyes also offers specialized support through corporate employees.

Be My Eyes App is free, and I strongly believe will help in enhancing independence levels of persons with blindness in India. I urge individuals with sight to download Be My Eyes and enroll as a volunteer. All you need to do to help is create an account and offer your sight over a video call whenever you are free.

Persons with Blindness will find this App very useful. With Be My Eyes, you need not hunt for someone whenever you need visual help. All you need to do is download the access friendly App, create an account, and start using it.

Download for IOS Device

Download for Android Device

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