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Month: January 2019

Persons with Blindness can’t be Judges – Says Supreme Court

Posted in Case Review, Disability Support, and Employement

In this case, the Supreme Court had to address the validity of rules and orders that limited appointment of civil judges and district judges to persons with partial blindness (between 40-50 percent of blindness). In the case, a person with seventy (70) percent blindness was denied appointment as a judge because he was more than fifty (50) percent blind, the specified outer limit. Surprisingly, the Supreme Court came to the conclusion in the case that…

Flying Blind – Emirates v. Etihad

Posted in Accessibility, and Disability Support

Author: Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala Flying with the right airline is very important for a person with blindness or any other disability. The nature and extent of assistance they provide determines the nature and extent of anxiety, trouble and difficulty one faces while flying. An airline with sensible, understanding and supportive staff can make a difficult journey comfortable and easy. All of them are bound by the applicable disability law to provide facilities and assistance,…

Guide Ropes – Short Story

Posted in Short Stories

The old man lay motionless on the sagging country cot, enjoying the cool night breeze. The traditional ‘nulaka’ cords lacing the bottom of the cot provided him comfort and ventilation. An old, soiled bedsheet lay by his side. He would use it later in the night if it got cold. It was Sankranti, the harvest festival, but the old man did not feel the happiness and excitement around him. He did not look forward to…

Accessibility of Science to Persons with Blindness: Miles and Miles To Go

Posted in Accessibility

In my earlier post, I spoke about the legal framework for access of information and data to persons with blindness and other disabilities from the copyright and disabilities statute perspectives. In the article, I pointed out that access has been placed at less than one (1) percent and that the proportion of access is diminishing as the universe of information is expanding at a rapid rate. Sources and forms of information are changing so fast…

Blindness and Accessible Books: From Marrakesh to Marella Gunta Palem

Posted in Accessibility

Marrakesh is a busy city in Morocco. It is a popular tourist destination. The Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate accessibility of published works to persons with blindness was signed in and named after the city. Marella Gunta Palem is a small, agricultural village in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. Less than hundred families live in the village, which has basic information and communication infrastructure. It has been approximately six years since the Marrakesh Treaty was…

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