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Guide Ropes – Short Story

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The old man lay motionless on the sagging country cot, enjoying the cool night breeze. The traditional ‘nulaka’ cords lacing the bottom of the cot provided him comfort and ventilation. An old, soiled bedsheet lay by his side. He would use it later in the night if it got cold. It was Sankranti, the harvest festival, but the old man did not feel the happiness and excitement around him. He did not look forward to…


Posted in Short Stories

Note: This is a realistic story for teenagers. It was submitted as part of the course on writing for young readers. Genre: Realistic Fiction She was the most beautiful girl in the class. Heads always turned when she entered the classroom. It was Valentine’s Day, and she held a red rose in her hand. Many of her suitors looked at her expectantly as she made her way through the benches. To their disappointment, she ignored…